Duties include bar setup and breakdown depending on the event, greeting guests, checking customers identification and confirming it meets legal drinking age, making recommendations, preparing and serving beverages, and focusing on the guests to provide an exceptional experience.


Is responsible for getting a complete understanding of what the host needs for their event. Able to think and react quickly, arrange playlists, play music all evening, execute presentations, MC events, connect with listeners, pick music to suit the audience and occasion, and take music requests. *Additional add on's available, prices vary*

Event Coordinator

Also known as event planner, your event coordinator is responsible for every aspect of your event planning. From small business promotions to large-scale celebrations they ensure that everything runs smoothly. Will use forward thinking to address potential problems at the venue that may arise. Responsibilities include developing a complete understanding of the requirements for any event. Selecting venues, arranging event services, monitoring client approval, organizing delivery dates, managing guests lists and more!


Service comes with a single server personnel, your choice of a bottle girl or bar waiter. Duties include setup depending on the event, greeting guests, serving bottles and or drinks, handling payments, cleanup and breakdown.


Do you supply the alcohol?

Unfortunately due to Florida liquor laws we cannot carry a liquor license. But don't you worry, we can still answer any alcohol questions you may have. Once you decide on a finalized menu our team will supply you with an itemized shopping list for your beverage needs.

Are you insured or permitted?

We carry liquor liability and general liability insurance to cover our services. All bartenders are certified by the state of Florida and have years of hospitality knowledge under there belt! We do not carry a liquor license since we do not sell alcohol.

What do you provide?

We provide everything needed for your perfect event! Depending on what package you choose our services include; your choice of drink ware, straws, napkins, ice, coolers, garnishes, syrups, fresh quality juices, friendly experienced bartenders and a personalized menu signage!  But that's not all, although we have the drink portion of your event covered if you are in need of an event coordinator, DJ, or server  we got you!

Can you host a cash bar? 

No. Unfortunately, as we do not have a liquor license, we cannot collect money in exchange for alcoholic beverages. But we do have other alternatives, you buy your own liquor and save way more money while we handle the rest!